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decesion maker email list By listening to the right podcasts , you can learn digital marketing techniques anytime: while cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning, lifting weights at the gym, or walking Rocky (your dog) after work. Digital marketing podcasts often offer expert interviews, advertising tips and strategies, success stories, decesion maker email list and interesting facts about the world of business. In this article, we have prepared a special selection of the best digital marketing podcasts in Spanish so that you can make the most of your time learning new things that will help you attract more prospects to your company. infographic-the-best-podcast-in-spanish-of-digital-marketing-2021 1. SEO for Google – Borja Girón SEO for Google (previously called SEO for bloggers) is a digital marketing podcast directed by Borja Girón in which you will find information on search engine positioning techniques,

decesion maker email list which will help you increase visits to your website, blog or store. virtual. The episodes last between 15 to 25 minutes and address topics such as: the most searched words in Google, techniques to take advantage of search engines, link building, SEO KPIs, among others. Girón offers you tips to take advantage of the functionalities of Google algorithms and content managers decesion maker email list to show your content among the first results. Borja studied computer engineering and has a master's degree in design and development of web projects at the Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías CICE in Madrid. His resume highlights his work as a content manager at HP and head of SEO at Caser. He is currently dedicated to being a consultant in the area and offering online courses. His podcast is the result of years of experience in the world of programming and digital marketing. 2.

decesion maker email list The online marketing academy with Oscar Feito Oscar Feito's podcast "The online marketing academy" is an interview program with experts in marketing, advertising, personal development, entrepreneurship, business, among others, who, from their experience and life story, explain how they achieved their goals and achievements. . With 377 episodes, at the time we write this article, decesion maker email list this podcast can be a source of inspiration for you, since you can find out what were the successes or failures, successes or failures of people recognized for their career and professional effort, among they highlight: – Giuseppe Cavallo: writer of marketing and professional motivation works, who in episode 366 talked about storytelling, metaphors and emotional marketing – Laura Urzaiz: host of a podcast called “I am an entrepreneur” and that brought to the table the 5 most common mistakes to avoid on the Internet
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